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HR5 Saliva Pathogen Testing

HR5 Saliva Pathogen Testing

HR5 Saliva Pathogen Testing

There is a very important question adults over the age of 35 should be asking themselves – Is your mouth putting your body at risk?

Evidence shows that five high-risk oral pathogens are causative drivers of inflammation and disease. Long story short? Oral bacteria make their way into your bloodstream and place you at risk for heart attacks, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes.

Dr. Sheils and his team of Periodontal Therapists are conducting periodontal exams with saliva testing that can help determine which pathogens are present and if these can be tied to any systemic diseases in the body. The test is a great way for dentists to prevent issues that can occur in your mouth and personalize your dental visit. The tests provide the following:

  • Early warning signs of bacteria that can cause disease, as well as the type and concentration of pathogens
  • Details on if the dentists are dealing with high risk or low-risk case
  • Create a highly personalized treatment approach
  • Identification of related systemic health risk

Systemic health-related information can provide the dentist and patient with a summary of how oral bacteria can impact the patient’s overall health. You may be surprised that these tests can detect issues related to cancer, cardiovascular health, joint and musculoskeletal health, dementia and brain health, metabolic health, and healthy pregnancy.

Once the pathogens are discovered, they are tested for at each visit to the dental office to ensure that the levels are decreasing to a safe amount for the patient, ensuring that progress is being made.

Do you have bleeding gums? You might be surprised to learn that over 80% of American adults over 35-years-old have some form of gum disease. Another staggering statistic is that up to 50% of heart attacks and strokes are triggered by oral pathogens.

Saliva pathogen testing can be the first step in early detection and prevention of disease. Oral bacteria in the bloodstream can cause several maladies including:

  • Adverse pregnancy outcomes including pre-term birth and low birth weight
  • Over 80% Americans with diabetes also have periodontal disease, which lowers the body’s glycemic control
  • More likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease in people who suffer from gum disease for more than 10 years
  • Higher risk of premature death in women who have a history of periodontal disease
  • Increases risk of oral, esophageal, lung, colorectal, pancreatic, and breast cancers

Why Should You Get a Saliva Pathogen Test?

Testing is the first step in early detection and prevention. Saliva pathogen testing determines the cause and severity of an infection, provides a medical diagnosis, validates treatment, and identifies early stages of infection.

Saliva pathogen testing can help determine if you have any genetic predispositions and monitors the disease-causing agents as a patient progresses through a treatment plan. This type of health-related information can provide the patient with a summary of how oral bacteria can impact their overall health.

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